Work with Dafne Private

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It’s my honor to serve you! Set up your coaching package with one of the options below. Reach out with any questions:

Private Coaching Sessions are designed to create a safe space for you to explore all the ways you can overcome your daily stressors and begin to thrive, rather than just survive. When you work with me we’ll gain an understanding of what you’re believing about your circumstances and how that affects your response to the world and everyone in it. I’ll teach you the same powerful tools and strategies I’ve used in my own life as the mom of three kids with very complex medical needs combined with over two decades of training in nutrition, life coaching, and spiritual counseling. These tools will empower you to experience more peace, joy, purpose, and laughter in every situation.

A few examples of the work we might do together:

♥ Set realistic, achievable goals to begin seeing progress immediately.

♥ Learn to listen to, and honor, what your heart is saying about what you need.

♥ Bring awareness to possible roots of destructive patterns of thinking so we can replace them with life-giving words of truth.

♥ Create realistic plans to reduce your stress.

♥ Develop resolutions to conflict in your relationships.

♥ Practice walking through difficult circumstances focused on faith rather than fear.

♥ Establish a consistent routine of physical activity that you love.

♥ Liberate the creative expression / dreaming that you have inside of you.

♥ Create a routine of self-care that feels right to you.

♥ and much, much more.

Choose your option then click “pay now” for the single session or“subscribe” to create your monthly payment plan for ongoing support. You’ll receive a welcome email and we’ll set up the recurring day/time for your session(s).

single 90 minute prayer & strategy session – $197

3 month journey – $157/month
includes two (50 minute) sessions per month plus unlimited email and voxer support during your program

6 month journey – $147/month
includes Two (50 minute) Sessions per month plus unlimited email and voxer support during your program