*** Some names have been changed at the client’s request in order to protect privacy. ***

“You taught me how to live again!”

∼ Beverly ∼

“I’ve lost 75 pounds. My thyroid is in perfect range. I can exercise without pain!”

∼ Freda ∼

“I have seen a big change

(in my marriage).
Thanks Dafne Wiswell!!!”

~Erin Wilson~

“Dafne Wiswell, you are NO WIMP! You don’t accept no for an answer. You are
not afraid to call me out on my BS, and
I do have a lot of it. And you always speak
truth into my life from a place of love.
God has called you to this place of
teaching and healing, and you answered, “yes” to His call. Thank you!”

∼ Jennifer ∼

“Dafne makes you feel like you’ve been friends from the moment you meet.
Right away she is interested in your life and wants to listen and help.

I am the caretaker for my mom who has Cancer and Dafne came to my home for a pantry makeover session which was great!! I learned so much about what to buy and what to stay away from to help
my mom and family live a healthy life.  Thank you Dafne!”
∼ Cynthia Lubenow ∼

“Thanks to Dafne who helped me get my A1C from 13.8 to 6.6!”

Robert ∼

“I felt the need to give another
shoutout to my girl, Dafne Wiswell.
She’s been coaching me and what she
says sticks with me and pushes me to knock down every self-imposed obstacle
I have allowed to keep me back.
Everyday, I feel stronger, everyday,
and not just physically.  Thank you!”
M.K. ∼

“Thank you again for creating this group Dafne.  My prayer for you is that you’ll be blessed ten-fold for doing this for all of us. Love, love, love you!” 

~ Rebecca Williams ~


“Yes!!  This is making a HUGE
difference for me.  Love it!”

~ Hope Anderson ~

“I’ve gotten SO MANY compliments this weekend.  I have lost 5 pounds!  I feel so happy and you helped me get here.
Thank you!” 

~ Janice ~

“This has been such a great group and the daily messages have really touched home with me and I can so tell the difference in my attitude towards my hubby. God is good and he equipped the right woman
for the job! Thanks Dafne Wiswell!”

~Sarah Michaelson~

“Dafne Wiswell, thank you so much for giving of yourself and making these

online classes. They are very, very good!”  

~Analiese Romero~

Having struggled with unhealthy habits, Dafne’s coaching/teaching really put me on my way towards wellness! What I love about her is that she is informative, without being overwhelming; she is encouraging, without being overbearing; she is firm in pushing us towards our goals, without being judgmental or harsh. Having someone to challenge me, inform me, and encourage me has really borne
out in my life by way of generating more forward movement towards my desired goals. I know that I would not be where
am I today if it weren’t for Dafne’s guidance. The investment is worth it!
She is worth it! And you are worth it!”
∼ Cecelia ∼

“Dafne, I shared your class with a coworker over a month ago. Today, she comes in my office with tears in her eyes and said ‘Thank you for sharing these audios and encouraging me to keep listening.’ She said this weekend she was able to face an over 10 year problem in her marriage & through prayer, listening to your audios and God’s grace it was solved without any fussing, cussing or fighting. She said it feels like she had an out of body transformation. She said THANK YOU for being a vessel and saving her marriage.”  ~Destiny Robbins~

“Great teaching Dafne Wiswell. I can tell I’m going to love this group. Love this advice and it couldn’t be more accurate.”

~Becky Trevino~