Two Powerful Words That Can Change Everything

I love it when a client begins to see breakthrough.  When I begin a program with anyone, we typically start with sadness, a feeling of hopelessness, an uncertainty about how they got where they are and what they need to do to break free.  So I LOVE when they start to see more light than darkness, more hope than hopelessness, more joy than pain.

During a session with one of my MOST inspiring clients, I asked her to share some recent wins.  With a new kind of energy in her voice she began to list off one after another after another.  I couldn’t help but laugh with her in sheer joy over all she’s accomplishing – every breakthrough that she’s experiencing in her health and life.

I asked her, “What happened since our last session? What brought all of this about?”
She said two powerful words:

life coaching

These two words can create a total pivot moment in your life!

Just a few examples of ways this could work for you:

I decided it was time to take care of me.
I decided I was going to stop making excuses.
I decided to focus on gratitude.
I decided to say no to anything that doesn’t line up with my purpose or fill me with joy.
I decided to say yes to what I need and desire.
I decided to get more rest.
I decided to pack my lunch and nourish my body with healthy foods.
I decided to stop allowing others to treat me in unacceptable ways.
I decided to speak up at my job.
I decided to plan a date night with my husband.
I decided to put the phone down and spend more time with my kids.

I decided . . .

Two simple, yet powerful words.  This year, what decisions will you make to change your health, your happiness, your relationships, your LIFE?!

I want to hear about the decisions you’re making for positive change.  Tell me about them in the comments!

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