The Struggle Makes You Strong {when you choose to let it strengthen you}

Do you know what happens if you try to help a butterfly as it struggles to emerge from its chrysalis?

1 of 2 things:

1 – the butterfly dies
2 – the butterfly lives, but it will NEVER be able to fly

Learning that took my breath away.

There is PURPOSE in the struggle! Fighting free from the chrysalis, never giving up, flapping and flapping its tiny little wings as it works to leave the safe cocoon of transformation . . . is what gives the butterfly the strength it needs for flight!

This hit me deep in my heart because as a daughter of God I am always asking for help to see and understand things, especially the hard things (like the struggle)  we all inevitably face in life.

I’ve struggled through the diagnoses of two autoimmune diseases.
I’ve struggled (harder, I think) watching my children struggle with autoimmune diseases, too.
I’ve struggled through tough times in my marriage.
I’ve struggled through the pain of losing a parent.
I’ve struggled through financial uncertainty.
I’ve struggled through life changes like leaving the only home we’ve ever known to move to a city where we knew NO ONE to chase after our dreams.
I’ve struggled through parenting teenagers and an adult “child”, allowing them to make their own choices and mistakes – allowing them to struggle – as they transform into who they were created to be!

So this butterfly, this struggle, this image of breaking through and breaking free . . . what a beautiful picture!

It is so important for us to recognize that we get to choose the outcome of our struggle.

We get to choose whether or not it is going to transform us into something beautiful.
We get to choose whether it will make us “bitter or better”.
We get to choose whether we fight and break free.
We get to choose to allow the struggle to make us strong!

When we don’t give up, when we stay in the fight, when we keep going, believing with everything we are that we are beautiful and capable and strong, then we will be strengthened not only to break free, but to FLY!

Whatever struggle you might be facing today, know that you are not meant to stay in it forever.  Something incredible is waiting for you.

You can ask others for help.  You absolutely should count on people to lift you up and encourage you.  But you have to remember that you’re the only one who can choose to:

Get stronger.
Break free.

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