Private coaching sessions are designed to create a safe space for you to open up about your health and all that affects it.  Health is not just a condition of the body, it’s a condition of the mind and spirit as well.  We cannot address one but ignore the others and expect to be completely healed and whole.  That’s why when you work with me we’ll talk about food, of course, but also family, faith, career, exercise and all the other things that impact your health.  I will walk with you through the areas of life where you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. Together, we will develop the strategies that you’ll take into your everyday life to achieve the goals that you set for yourself.  There is no preset “agenda”, curriculum or diet plan.  Each session is focused on you and YOUR specific needs / desires at this time in your life.  You set the pace for the changes you are ready to make.  A few examples of the work we might do together:

Gain clarity on the areas of life where you’re feeling out of balance.  Areas such as:
  • Career
  • Education
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Cooking
  • Home Environment
  • Relationships
  • Social Life
  • Joy
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality
Set realistic, achievable goals in one or more of the above-mentioned areas.
Learn to listen to, and honor, what your body is saying in order to bring wholeness to your mind, body, and spirit.
Bring awareness to possible roots of “bad” habits you desire to surrender once and for all.
Discover the hidden sources of your food cravings that have nothing to do with food.
Develop resolutions to conflict in your relationships.
Practice walking through difficult circumstances focused on faith rather than fear.
Establish a consistent routine of physical activity that you love.
Liberate the creative expression / dreaming that you have inside of you.
Create a routine of self-care that feels right to you.
and much, much more.

I offer several private coaching packages to meet a variety of needs & budgets and your location does not matter because sessions are held through the Zoom video chat application available on your computer, tablet or smartphone.

What clients have said about working with me:

“I participated in a wellness group with Dafne over the summer 2017. Having struggled with unhealthy habits, Dafne’s coaching/teaching really put me on my way towards wellness! What I love about her is that she is informative, without being overwhelming; she is encouraging, without being overbearing; she is firm in pushing us towards our goals, without being judgmental or harsh. Having someone to challenge me, inform me, and encourage me has really borne out in my life by way of generating more forward movement towards my desired goals. I know that I would not be where am I today if it weren’t for Dafne’s guidance. The investment is worth it! She is worth it! And you are worth it!”  – Cecelia Smith Martinez

“You taught me to live again!” – Beverly

“Dafne makes you feel like you’ve been friends from the moment you meet. Right away she is interested in your life and wants to listen and help. She is such an encourager and a friend! 
I am the caretaker for my mom who has Cancer and Dafne came to my home for a pantry makeover session which was great!! I learned so much about what to buy and what to stay away from to help my mom and family live a healthy life.  Thank you Dafne!”  – Cynthia Lubenow

“Dafne, thank you for sharing your knowledge of healthy eating, living, and just being… you teaching what do’s & don’t’s of grocery shopping have change my life… I walk pain free! God bless you!”  – Jen Martinez

“Thanks to Dafne who helped me get my A1C from 13.8 to 6.6!”  – Robert (Type 2 diabetic)

You can read even more testimonials by clicking here.

To get started on your own success story, book your FREE Half Hour of Hope session by clicking here.  This will give me an opportunity to learn about the kind of support you’re looking for and give you an opportunity to ask me any questions about what you can expect from our coaching sessions.  I can’t wait to support you on your journey.