Pantry Makeover

A Pantry Makeover Session is exactly what it sounds like:
a one-on-one session where I guide you through your pantry (through video chat) as we discuss the changes you’re ready to make. You’ll walk away from this one hour session with new knowledge that will empower you to create simple, healthy changes in your home and kitchen.

– Maybe you’ve been given orders from a doctor to clean up your diet.
– Perhaps you’re ready to learn to read food labels.
– You’ve gotten curious to know what quinoa, couscous and nutritional yeast are, and how to prepare them.

There are many reasons you might feel frustrated, overwhelmed or even angry when it comes to meal time.  Let me help you enjoy your food again.

About her experience with me, Cynthia said:

“Dafne Wiswell’s pantry makeover had some very helpful food tips.  I HIGHLY recommend her if you are looking to make any healthy changes in your home.”

Whatever the reason you’re wanting to “makeover” your pantry or learn to cook with new and healthy ingredients, this is one of my favorite services to provide and, I’d love to help you!

To book your session use the calendar below.  Have questions?  Send me an email. I’d love to answer them!