How I Feed 3 Adults and 2 Teens Organic Food with $175 / Week

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I feed 3 adults and 2 teens mostly organic food on a budget that averages around $175 / week.

That includes paper goods, hygiene products, dog food, etc.  Recently, when I shared a post about that on over on my Facebook page people really liked talking about it and the questions started flying.  So I thought I’d share the same information with you here, just in case you and I aren’t hanging out together on Facebook yet.

See, I believe that food can be 3 things – healthy, delicious AND affordable!

On my most recent trip to the store (this trip was to Trader Joe’s – one of my faves!) I bought enough food for 3 meals a day, 6 days a week and the total came to $169.95.

I say 6 days a week because I give myself one day off where everyone is either eating leftovers or fending for themselves or it’s date night and the kiddos decide what they’re having for dinner and they plan and prep that themselves (or sometimes they all go out together, which this momma heart loves!)

This week we even got a few “extras” – dark chocolate and red wine, dairy free ice cream, some little French pastry Grace wanted to try. Otherwise, the menu is:

?? Pulled “pork” nachos with jack fruit & piled high with black beans, pico, romaine and avocado

?? Linguine with fresh mozzarella, basil, grape tomatoes and a spinach salad topped with strawberries

?? Turkey burgers with all the veggies and roasted sweet potatoes

?? Mongolian beef and brown rice with stir fry veggies + broccoli + snap peas

?? Grilled chicken with a creamy, garlicky artichoke sauce, pasta and a salad

Breakfast is typically eggs and roasted veggies or oatmeal or Greek yogurt with fresh fruit and granola. Lunches are soups, salads, the kids sometimes eat sandwiches, or we do raw veggies, boiled eggs, fresh fruit, etc.

This receipt didn’t include the beef for Mongolian beef night as they didn’t have the cut I needed.  So I had to get that later and spent about $8 additional. Most of what you see in these bags is organic and nobody is feeling deprived on this grocery budget!

A couple people commented on the Facebook post about how food is not so affordable in their area.  Or there aren’t any Trader Joe’s where they live.  I get it, we’re in Texas and everything from housing to food seems to be more affordable here than other places in the country.  However, I believe that with good planning and a little research about places in your area where you might find better prices, feeding your family good, wholesome food without breaking the bank is possible.

Check into local Farmer’s markets or services like Bountiful Baskets.  I also love ordering some of the items we use more frequently (and tend to be a little pricier at the store) through Thrive Market.  It saves us money on everything from olive oil to charcoal face wash.  If you want to try it out, I’ve partnered with Thrive Market to give you 25% off your first order, PLUS a free 30 day trial AND free shipping when you use my referral link.

A few other money-saving tips:
Buy what’s in season.  Don’t know what’s in season?  The prices at your grocery store will tell you!  When fresh bell peppers go up to $3/each that’s when I start getting them from the freezer section.

Don’t go to the store when you’re hungry. No explanation needed.

Plan your weekly menu around what you already have in your fridge, pantry and freezer. This reduces waste of both food and money!

Look for meat on sale! I buy organic, grass fed meats and if I see it on sale, I buy more than I need, bring it home and freeze it!  Sometimes I can get it up to half off and it’s perfectly good meat!  This is a big factor in keeping our costs lower.

So now I’m curious, how much do you typically spend to feed your family each week?  Do you want to spend less?  I want to hear from you about it!  Let’s talk in the comments.


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