Home Makeover

 Ready for a before and after story in YOUR home?

This picture shows a transformation that occurred in just two hours. An unused and cluttered office became an organized, beautiful and peaceful nursery.

This picture shows a transformation that occurred in just two hours. An unused and cluttered office became an organized, beautiful and peaceful nursery.

do any of these statements sound familiar?

  • This shouldn’t be so difficult. I know I can do this myself.

  • I don’t have time to get this organized.

  • I have no idea where all this stuff came from!

  • I feel overwhelmed just looking at this.

  • I feel bad getting rid of things that loved ones gave me, even if those things (ex: dishes, books, old towels) hold no special meaning.

  • I paid good money for this stuff. I don’t want to be wasteful by getting rid of it.

  • I might need this someday.

I totally understand. It can be hard to decide what to keep, what to donate, and what just needs to go to the curb! I also understand how much freedom and peace rushes in when you begin to let go of “things” so you can start to really LIVE!

Hi, I’m Dafne, and I’ve always loved to organize! When I was a kid I organized the books in my backpack by size and subject. I organized the clothes in my closet by color and season. I organized projects by creating timelines for myself. Before rearranging the furniture in my room I would draw out several little sample diagrams for myself. I wanted to make a decision about how I really wanted it so I didn’t waste time and energy by moving things around too many times. I’ll never forget Christmas when I was 11 years old. My favorite gift was a large box full of office supplies – yellow legal tablets, a stapler, pens, pencils, erasers. It was a dream gift for a born planner and organizer like me!

Now that I’m a wife, mom, and multiple business owner, I fully understand how difficult it can be to keep a home organized and running smoothly when there are so many other things screaming for your attention. I promise, no matter what’s on your schedule or what’s piling up in your corners, we CAN turn your home into a tranquil space that you and your family love.

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Five years ago my family of five and I did a crazy thing. We moved out of our 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom home and into a 450 square foot RV. Talk about decluttering and downsizing! We lived in that tiny space for three years and in that time we learned SO MUCH about the difference between want vs need.

Do we really need a TV in every room? Nope!
Do we really need walk-in closets so full of stuff that we have a hard time finding clothing? Nope!
Do we really need so much stuff on our shelves, our walls, our dressers, and in our cabinets that we’re constantly spending time dusting or trying to get that stuff organized? Nope!
Do we really need to buy something new or cute every time we go to a store? Nope!

What we really learned during our time in such a small space was how much our “stuff” had gotten in the way of our living. We spent our days on work and school, of course. But then, because there were no shelves to dust, no closets to organize, and no dressers to declutter, we spent our days fishing, hiking, taking long walks with the dog, going on sunset boat rides, reading books, watching movies, playing board games, telling stories, and LIVING every day fully present with one another – without constantly needing to clean or organize something. We have maintained that lifestyle since moving into a “normal” sized home and I can’t begin to describe how much joy there is in a clutter-free, intentional way of life.

Friend, there is a supernatural level of peace that you invite into your home and heart when you allow yourself to release the “stuff” that’s getting in the way of living. I would be so honored to walk you through the process of getting your house and your LIFE back!

Can you imagine walking room to room in your home and not having to stop to pick up random things, or think to yourself that you’ll get to that pile later, or wonder if you’re ever going to finish organizing that room? Can you imagine more time with your spouse, your kids, your loved ones, because you’re not spending it constantly cleaning, organizing, or trying to figure out where things belong? Can you imagine everything having a place and everyone knowing where that place is so things aren’t going missing? Can you imagine being able to clean your house top to bottom in under two hours because you don’t have to go around picking things up and putting them away first? (If you have a cleaning service, this means you won’t have to “clean” before they come to clean!) Can you imagine being able to open the door to an unexpected guest and welcome them inside without feeling embarrassed?

It’s all possible. You don’t have to go through the process alone and it doesn’t have to take years to get your home looking and feeling peaceful. When we work together on your Home Makeover you’ll receive:

  • a complimentary in-home consultation where you’ll give me a tour and I’ll ask questions about each room and your goals (in-home for locals, via video chat for anyone outside San Antonio)

  • (8) two hour organization sessions

  • a customized plan to help you reach your decluttering, organizing, and decor goals

  • customized homework assignments for you to complete between in-home sessions

  • on-going support through Voxer for those times you hit a snag, need some extra motivation, or have questions

  • journaling prompts to help you discover where any disorganized habits may have started and what you can do to change them

  • an easy payment plan (Think you can’t afford it? Think again! Invite me for a free consult. I bet I can help you find the $$ hidden in your things!)

  • personal shopping (as needed and for an added fee) – I will source furniture, decor, organization materials, etc to complete your home’s finished look

complete the form below to request your complimentary consultation. If you do not receive a response within two business days please send a message to hello@dafnewiswell.com


A review from a happy client:

What can I say except Dafne is absolutely amazing and a God send!!! I have been struggling to get my house in order since my second child was born. I would start the process but then would get stuck or overwhelmed. And when I’m overwhelmed, I avoid, which meant the house would get crazier. I am a work at home mom, so I felt the house was my job and not my husband’s. He was at work all day and it would drive me nuts when he would come home and I would see him try to get a room in order, because I knew I wasn’t doing my part. It would affect us, and I could see us both frustrated and stressed out. Every chance we had time alone it would have to be spent on the house, trying to get some order so we wouldn’t lose it, Which meant our kids weren’t getting our full attention. I thought it was something I could do, so I started the process and started decluttering but the clutter would just leave one room and go into another room or the garage. Months passed by and I was still in the same place. I reached out to Dafne and asked for her help. I knew this was more than just clutter. It was deeper. It was a way I grew up and so did my husband and we didn’t want this for our kids. We want to develop great habits for them and structure as well as for us so we didn’t feel like we were drowning. When Dafne came over I was so nervous and embarrassed to be honest, but the moment we met and talked it all faded away. Dafne comes with an open heart and mind and no judgement. She is beyond helpful. We got so much done in such little time. I couldn’t believe it! She listened to my heart and thoughts and said alright let’s do it! During that process we also discussed root issues so it doesn’t stay a problem for me. I immediately noticed a difference in my husband. He was carefree and STRESS free. He told me multiple times how happy he was about the house and how he didn’t feel stressed. Dafne is seriously the best Christmas gift we could have given ourselves! We are beyond blessed my her and her expertise/knowledge she brings. I’m so excited to continue and I know this is just the beginning!! Thank you so much Dafne from the bottom of my heart! We are doing KINGDOM BUSINESS! ❤️
— Jessica E.

i’m really looking forward to helping you create an atmosphere of peace and beauty in your home!