Group Wellness Programs
Group Wellness Programs

are for friends, churches, small businesses, or any group ranging in size from 5 – 150 people.  The purpose is to create a community where you have access to support from your peers as you learn and journey on your path to wellness.

There’s just something about being part of a group of like-minded people.

They become your tribe.

Your shoulder to lean on.

Your accountability partners.

Have you ever tried to get healthier and had your kids (or your spouse) turn their nose up at a meal?

I’ve been there.   And it’s HARD.

It’s hard to make changes when no one around you wants to jump on that wagon.

It’s hard to eat healthy when everyone in your house is complaining.

It’s hard to feel like you’re all on your own and that feeling, oftentimes, is the reason so many people just give up.

It’s why I love providing wellness programs in a group setting – instant support from people who are on the same journey.

I teach and coach these groups using a “whole person” approach – meaning we talk about so much more than food.  In these sessions, I’ll ask you questions about your relationships, your faith, your exercise habits and your career.  We’re going to talk about your home environment, your cooking, your social life and reducing stress.  A healthy life only becomes possible when we create balance in ALL areas.  My job is to help you discover which areas of your life might be out of balance, and then help you create an action plan that will bring healing and wholeness in your body, mind, spirit and relationships.

Group Wellness Programs are structured to meet twice monthly for 3 months or once monthly for 6 months – with ongoing support through email or Facebook for all members throughout the duration of the program.

To learn more and schedule an introductory session for your group contact me at the email below.  I can’t wait to talk with you!