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 It’s easy to fall in love with your home again when you have

DIY with Dafne

❗Read this if you want to end the frustration and indecision that often comes with home organization and decorating. Finally get the support you need to Declutter, Destress, Redesign, and Renew Your Home.

Remember that feeling you had when you first moved into your house? It was a lot like a new romance. You were starry-eyed, excited, and you saw all the possibilities for transforming the rooms and spaces into a home that would nurture you and your family. Like any relationship, your connection to your home needs attention or you can easily fall out of love after a few years. Sometimes, it’s the worn-down furniture and the lack of a budget for a new set. Other times, it’s the bland, boring walls that are mocking you. So, you went down the rabbit holes on YouTube and Pinterest and tried a few things here and there. Sometimes the instructions were easy to follow, and other times you ended up with more paint on your clothes than on the cute, cheap bookcase you found on Marketplace.

Still, it’s been months or even years since you’ve felt that fresh new love for your home, and now the spaces and rooms frustrate you. You know you have to do something soon or your frustration will turn into resentment. Before too long, you’ll be browsing Zillow and dreaming about all the pretty houses you can’t actually afford.

It would be easy to make those houses beautiful, you tell yourself. They wouldn’t give me such a hard time.

Well, I have a secret, sis. It can be EASY to make your house beautiful and you can fall in LOVE with your home again!

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Even if:

— You don’t have a lot of time
— You aren’t an interior designer
— You don’t have a lot of experience
— You’re on a tight budget 
— You don’t even know where to start

Consider Dafne your Happy Home Bestie!

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Each month, Dafne will come running to your rescue with:

— Video walkthroughs on topics ranging from decluttering and organization to painting, staining, and furniture rehab so you don’t have to waste any more of your precious time searching on YouTube or picking through Pinterest.
— Monthly themed challenges with prizes designed to support your goals
— “Hot seat” sessions to get help with your #1 struggle
— Budget-focused training and support so your finances don’t hold you back from designing and creating the space you’ve been dreaming of
— A group support system that will keep you motivated and inspired to keep taking the little steps forward that will make the changes you need so you can love your home again.

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Hey there! I’m Dafne!


I know how overwhelming it can be to try to do all the right things for your family. Between providing healthy meals, keeping healthy finances, maintaining a healthy marriage, homeschooling the kids, building a healthy home, and running a health-focused business, I’m pulled in a lot of directions every single day. 

I was blindsided by multiple chronic illnesses in myself and in my kids when I was only in my twenties, so I had to learn pretty early on how to manage a home well, while keeping my stress levels low, so I could give all of us the best chance at staying happy and healthy. For two decades I’ve dedicated myself to helping other families navigate life and all its uncertainties with joy, whether they need help with budgeting, decluttering, planning, inspiration, insurance and medical support, or simply loving the space they call home again.

I believe that when you truly love your home, you have a stronger base for you and your family to conquer any challenge or adversity that comes your way. We all need that place where we can relax, be ourselves, and feel whole, and our homes are meant to give us all of those things. 

Do you know what isn’t a secret?

A happy, organized home is fundamental to a happier you.

We all know that a clean, organized home is a happy home, but have you ever really tried to unravel why? With everything going on in our lives, it’s understandable that we put these thoughts on the backburner. Besides, when you’re juggling kids, homeschooling, a job, basic housework, and a relationship, organizing and decorating seem like luxuries your schedule and wallet can’t afford. So why bother? …because a happy home is your key to a happier, healthier family.

Without the cleanliness and organization that brings calm, it’s difficult to achieve that happy home. It can interfere with our focus and commitments. Attachments to things that clutter our space can reveal deep inner wounds that still need healing. The fear of spending money or making changes to create a beautiful and peaceful home can reveal a mindset of lack that needs attention in order to heal.

A home in chaos can be a sign of inner chaos,and there’s hope for healing both!

A home in chaos has negative emotional, spiritual, and physical effects on those living within its walls. The physical effects of a chaotic home include stress and stress is a toxic killer! Stress is linked to the six leading causes of death. When you work on creating a happy home, you actively lower your stress levels, and that results in a healthier brain, heart and lungs. Lowering stress even helps you reduce your risk of developing long-term, chronic conditions. It’s time to clear the chaos and clutter and start creating a home environment that makes your life easier, lighter, and happier.

A happy home isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. 

Have you ever visited a beautiful home and immediately felt peaceful and happy when you walked inside? It isn’t the fancy furniture or beautiful light fixtures that create those feelings. It’s the spirit of calm and quiet that invades the space with beauty and tranquility because it was invited by the people who live there. Through a little time and attention–and a whole lotta love–they designed and created an environment that brings them peace, tranquility, and happiness.

A happy home frees us to be our truest selves. It is our place of restoration and renewal, guarding us against the stresses and troubles of the outside world. Home is where we laugh, we rest, we raise families, and we nourish ourselves. This is where we gather with those we love for meals, celebrations, and memories. 

Home is where we create a sense of belonging for ourselves and those we love.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your home as a place that is peaceful, beautiful, clean, and organized. Visualize how your home would look so that it gives you a sense of calm. Sense how that would feel for you.

In that peaceful home you just visualized, parents scream less. Children cry less. Spouses fight less. Real conversations begin to happen around the dinner table. Each day that you do a little something to improve your home lessens the stress your family feels and increases those positive feelings.

And then, something wonderful begins to blossom… Connection.

Connection happens between spouses, between parents and children, between siblings. We were all created for connection, and our homes are a major factor in helping us to connect with the ones we love. When our homes are peaceful, organized, and beautiful, they improve our ability to connect. Chaos gets in the way of real connection, communication, and love.

A happy, beautiful, safe home makes a real, tangible difference in our lives and in the lives and futures of our children.

We were created to give, and we are meant to give from a place of overflow. We can’t pour from tanks that only have fumes in them, so we must refill ourselves. The beauty we create in our homes with our own two hands and a little of our hard-earned income should be a major source of our renewal so we can continue to give and create.

Are you ready to start creating a safe, happy, beautiful home that restores your spirit and improves your connections with your family?

Join DIY with Dafne

and I’ll walk beside you through this journey, guiding you step by step as you transform each room of your house until you’re in love with it again and proud of the renewal it gives to you and your family.  I’ll also show you how to easily keep it up–even if you have lots of little ones!

Each month you will get:

— Two video walkthroughs or tutorials aligned with the monthly challenge

— Monthly hot seat sessions so you can get personalized help for your unique situation

— Training and support for upgrades and improvements–even if you’re on a budget!

— A private group where you can get feedback as you go and stay motivated to keep working at it. We’re there to cheer you on!

Join us now! $25/month



Did someone say GIFTS?

When you join you’ll also receive:

A Customized Room Review ($150 value)

As my “thank you” for becoming a founding member of DIY with Dafne, you’ll get a complimentary room review! You send me pictures and videos of your biggest “problem room” and tell me about your desires and vision for the room, then I send you back a PLAN for bringing that vision to life!

Trust me, you don’t need more space, you just need the right help to make the most of the space you have now.

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How much does it cost to be a member? Currently the membership is $25/month.

How do the payments work? When you click subscribe you are agreeing to have the monthly amount of $25 automatically drafted from your payment source on the same day each month. For example: if you subscribe on June 28, you will be charged $25 on June 28th, then again on July 28th, and every month after until you cancel.

Can I cancel anytime? Of course! There is no contract or obligation to continue if you find it’s not right for you.

If it isn’t what I expected, can I get a refund? Absolutely! You have 30 days from the date you join to either decide you love it or request a refund. After your first 30 days, no refunds will be issued due to the digital nature of the content provided. However, should you choose to cancel, you will continue to have access to the private Facebook community and all the videos, challenges, and printable material until the last day of your membership.

Why is it only $25/month? As a founding member, you’re going to get a lot of access to me and that means you’re getting a lot of support, but the goal of this is to make loving your home again affordable and accessible to a vast range of people. I know it seems too good to be true, but think of it like a co-op, where everyone contributes in order to lower the cost and make it more accessible to all. I’m also making this so ridiculously affordable to ensure that everyone who joins has room in their budget to take action and participate in the group activities. The next time we open our doors to new members, this rate won’t be available. So don’t wait!

More than anything, I want you to love being a part of this community and create your happy place in your home because of what you learn with me. This isn’t just about redecorating, it’s about loving our homes and our lives and connecting with support systems that lift us up and empower us through every season and stage of life.


and just so y’all know we’re gonna keep it really real in this group

here’s a picture of me in my garage all sweaty from a furniture makeover project! I’m convinced those HGTV stars don’t do ANY of the work themselves. If they do, I wanna know how they keep their hair and makeup so perfect. If you know their secret, please tell me!