Cooking School Registration (special rates)

On a typical week in the Cooking School, all members receive a menu, shopping list and access to a secret Pinterest board full of simple recipes. Those in Level Two also receive access to a private Facebook group where I share cooking tutorials and nutrition education as well as my tried and tested recipes. Our current climate is anything but typical, which is why I am opening Level Two membership again at a 20% discount! As a member at that level you are able to schedule a weekly 10 – 20 minute private one on one call so I can help you create a highly customized meal plan for your family based on what you have available in your home and local area. Over the coming weeks we are amping up the number of tutorial videos as well as lots of information about how you can substitute things you might normally use with staple ingredients you may already have on hand but don’t think to use often. (For example: ever used applesauce in place of oil or butter in a baking recipe? It works!) This is a great time to get in the kitchen with your kids and learn some valuable skills!

My heart truly desires to serve you and your family well during these uncertain times. I want to help you eliminate fear, equip you with resources, and empower
you to come out of this season of #socialdistancing even stronger.

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i’m a diy-er. Sign me up for level one!


i need a little help. Sign me up for level two!

USUALLY $47/month -now 20% off for a limited time – $37/month*

i need personalized support. Sign me up for level three!


*Important information about payments, refunds, and scholarships: When you subscribe to become a member of the Cooking School you are agreeing to have your monthly payment automatically drafted from your payment source. (This is done securely through Paypal, credit card, etc.) If and when you decide that membership is no longer for you, you are free to cancel your subscription. There are no refunds. However, you will continue to have access to weekly emails, the Facebook group, and any unused sessions until the end of your monthly billing cycle. In addition, all meal plans, shopping lists, and recipes are copyrighted material and not to be shared with anyone! I ask that you please respect my hard work and dedication to serve you by not sharing any content or information provided to you through the school. If you know anyone who needs this kind of support, please send them this link to sign up. If you know someone who genuinely needs help and cannot afford it, have them reach out! I review need-based applications on a case by case basis and offer scholarships to selected individuals several times per year. Please send any questions about this policy to: