BREAKTHROUGH: A prayer journal and planner to transform your health and life

This book is an invitation to radical transformation. Inside you’ll find:

  • Twenty-six weeks of interactive prayer journals

  • Tools to become a better steward of your time

  • Tips and planning pages for simple, healthy meals

  • Scripture to keep you encouraged along the way

I wrote this book at the request of friends, family, and clients who wanted to learn the steps and strategies I used to be completely healed of rheumatoid arthritis. This labor of love is an outpouring of my heart. The prayers and process contained in these pages will propel you forward on your healing journey. I share with you notes from my own journal, scriptures that were highlighted as tears fell onto my Bible, questions that I asked God (and you can, too) as well as practical steps you can take in your daily walk to being made whole. This book will equip and empower you if you’re battling illness, stress, anxiety, hopelessness, fear, worry, or doubt as you endure any difficulty life throws your way.

If you’ve cried tears of fear and frustration, if you’ve been angry about your circumstances, if you’ve felt hopeless about life – this book is for you. God hears, he cares, and he has keys and secrets to give only you. Open this book, and your heart, and receive them!

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What readers are saying:

What a gracious combination of wisdom, spirit-filled counsel, and down-to-earth practicality. The concepts are magnetically attractive, and practically make you heave a sigh of relief that change is possible, and that rest, rather than striving, is an essential ingredient in the process. Lovely!
— Nasha H.
This book touches the depths of my heart and soul! It’s so good! I have already read through 8 chapters. You really want to get this book!
— Robyn K.
Ok this time inventory thing is crazy. So smart. I use grocery delivery and a house cleaner. I’ve always felt guilty and don’t know why. Thanks for giving me permission! Seriously, you wouldn’t believe the judgment.
— Anonymous

I finally got your book Thursday evening. I read it ALL this morning. It is wonderful!
— Dee L.
This is so good. This is exactly what I needed at exactly this time. . . funny how He works.
— Kendra A.
This book is so enlightening! If you are struggling or not, this book can teach you more about yourself and how to improve all facets of life.
— Andrea A.
Loving your book. Thank you!
— Kristi N.

BREAKTHROUGH has done for me nothing short of a miracle. I use the weekly interactive prayer journal which is a great guided reflection to help change bad habits. After being diagnosed with a lung disease I knew I had to change my eating. I now plan my meals, only buy what I need, and nothing is wasted. I’m full of energy and feel so good. This book is truly anointed – it’s an answer to prayer and has changed my life!
— Peggy C.