Eat well.  Love well.  Live well.

It’s my philosophy because it literally saved my life!  At 26 years old I was loving life as the wife of my high school sweetheart.  He was building a successful career in the oil industry while I was enjoying my role at home taking care of our three children – all age 7 and under.  It seems like overnight, I was hit hard with severe depression.  I didn’t sleep well, experienced extreme panic attacks and had horrible and repetitive thoughts of suicide.  I saw a therapist.  I was put on antidepressants.  I gained almost 50 pounds.  I was miserable and angry at myself for being miserable when I was living the life I’d always wanted.

Then, I was diagnosed with two autoimmune conditions within six months of each other – Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hashimoto’s disease.  So on top of the added weight, the depression and the panic attacks, I was waking up feeling like I never really slept.  I was in such severe pain that I couldn’t open a water bottle, squeeze my own shampoo out, put my daughter’s hair in a ponytail, tie any of the kids’ shoes or turn the key in my car’s ignition.  I had mood swings, my hair started falling out, more weight gain.  My brain felt “foggy” and just going to the grocery store wiped me out for the day.

Enter more meds:

Pain killers.
Low-dose chemotherapy.

I literally felt like I was going to die.  I had a list of all the drugs I was taking on the refrigerator along with instructions for my 7 year old on who to call “just in case”.  My husband was working out of town often and I was so afraid that one day I might not wake up!  After all, my doctor had said to me on inspection of my lab results, “I don’t know how you aren’t in a coma right now.  These numbers say you should be.”


It took six long years of pain, fatigue, missing out on life and hoping that one day it would just “get better” for me to wake up and decide that if I was ever going to feel better, I was going to have to figure it out myself.

I began to devour books, websites and blogs about nutrition and autoimmune disease.  I learned everything I could about how our bodies function.  I talked to people who had done away with traditional forms of treatment and ended up feeling so much better than they ever had.

I changed the way I ate.
I got serious about my sleep schedule.
I started making sure that date nights and weekend getaways became a regular thing for my husband and I.
I prayed.

I woke up one day and realized . . . the pain was gone!

I had slowly weaned myself off of every medication so at first, I couldn’t believe it.  I kept thinking the pain would come back.  I was afraid the debilitating fatigue, mood swings or panic attacks might return.  But that morning realization happened six long years ago.  I haven’t had a single symptom of rheumatoid arthritis since!  I haven’t felt depressed, anxious or on the verge of a panic attack in 10 years.  I was able to stay off thyroid hormone for the Hashimoto’s for 5 years and today, even though I had to resume taking it, I’m on the lowest possible dose.

I wake up every morning feeling like I’m experiencing a new miracle.  No pain in my hands, feet or other joints.
No panic attacks or thoughts of suicide.
No scary medication list.

I feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.  I can cook, clean, homeschool, meet with clients, teach a class, write a blog, run a business, have fun with my husband and kids, go out with friends . . . get the idea?

I think everyone deserves to feel this good.  That’s why I love to share my story and teach people what it takes to . . .

Eat well.

It all started with food.  I didn’t go into our pantry and fridge and change everything overnight.  I did do some pretty drastic things with my OWN eating, but I didn’t force my family to follow, and I don’t teach my clients to do that, either.  Change should happen slowly and gradually over time if it’s going to become a life-long habit.  I’m passionate about teaching others how to create this sustainable change in their eating and watch as it transforms their lives.

Love well.

I had to learn not only how to love myself, but how to forgive myself and others.  Only then was I able to create solid boundaries and build relationships with people who understand, love and support me.  This is crucial to the health of every person. Teaching people what real love looks like is one of my favorite things to do because it opens the doors to unimaginable healing – body, mind and soul.

Live well.

When we are fueling our bodies properly, staying physically active, continually seeking to grow spiritually, creating meaningful relationships and expressing our gifts through our work, it is then that we finally feel that we are living the life for which we were designed.  After beating the odds against two autoimmune diseases, I’ve made it my mission to help women create happier hearts and healthier homes.  If I can do it, I know you can, too.  It’s not about dieting, it’s about so much more than the food on our plates.  Everyone deserves to learn how to balance all the pieces of the puzzle to truly live well.

Professional Bio

Dafne Wiswell is a Certified Holistic Health Coach passionate about teaching busy people all over the world how to create lives they love.  In an era of fad diets and conflicting information on what is good for you and what isn’t, she helps clients breakthrough that sense of being overwhelmed to begin a journey that finally leads to progress.  No two people are exactly the same so there should never be a one-size-fits-all plan for health.  Dafne helps clients take one step at at time to find what works for THEM.

After dedicating thousands of hours in the last decade to the study of nutrition and wellness, she earned her certification as a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  The curriculum covered over 100 dietary theories taught by experts such as Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD, Lissa Rankin, MD, Andrew Weil, MD, Joel Fuhrman, MD and many others.

After privately coaching hundreds of people back to health and happiness over the last five years, she is now working to spread her message of hope even farther through online classes, wellness programs for businesses and small group coaching sessions.

Ready for change?

I would love to talk with you.  I offer wellness programs for small businesses, corporations, churches or other groups, as well as private health coaching for individuals.  I also enjoy partnering with physicians who desire to educate and motivate their patients toward a more holistic approach to wellness.  (I would have loved  that type of support from my doctors.)

Send me an email so we can chat about how I can help you.